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Desteo Bisaka

EXPLORE GROUPS: Faith of Unity (Bisaka)

Faith of Unity (Bisaka)

Itambiro ly’Omukama Ruhanga Owamahe Goona Ery’Obumu (Runyoro for "Association for the Healing Place of God of All Armies"), abaikiriza, Holy Quaternity Movement

Desteo Bisaka (a.k.a. "Omukama Ruhanga Owobusobozi Bisaka"—Owobusobozi is Runyoro for “Almighty God”) (1930-)

Desteo Bisaka (1930-)

Western Uganda (February 1980)

Kagadi, Kagadi district, Uganda

The Book of God of the Age of Oneness—We Are One in the Lord God of Hosts—Disunity Has Ended (English version—1987)

The Book of God teaches that Bisaka is the third person of the Trinity. Bisaka has been inconsistent in his comments about Jesus. He once said, “Jesus was a white man and a liar as well.” Another time he said “Jesus never existed.” The movement’s guiding principle is unity. The Bible is a myth, and “a source of disunity” according to Bisaka. The Book of God claims “the evil spirits…caused their words to be written in [the Bible], which words cause this book to bring conflicts among people.” Hence, “In order to unite people into one flock under one shepherd, the Lord God of Hosts will first do away with the Bible, and then give them His new words which they will use in the Third Age” (p20).

Because monogamy is seen as a western value originating from Christianity, polygamy is accepted and encouraged in FoU. Bisaka has taught that men should have as many wives as possible. He has also encouraged his followers to collect and burn Bibles.

At least one report has claimed that there are 3,000 congregations in Uganda alone.

According to a July 2014 claim in the Daily Monitor newspaper (Uganda), "Faith of Unity has a 5 million strong following with over 1000 places of worship in Uganda, Congo, South Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda." A June 2014 report in the same newspaper states that “It has 1,239 branches spread across Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, South Sudan, Kenya and Tanzania, according to Owobusobozi.” One religion scholar estimates FoU followers at between 5 and 7 million.

Canada, Congo (Democratic Republic), Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda

English, Luganda, Runyoro

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